We are ‘Performance Collective Kitchen Rave‘, a group of five international theatre makers. currently working on our immersive performance ‚Tanzwut‘, which is inspired by the phenomenon from the 14th century, when people were going out on the streets to dance without control, structure and purpose.

We will perform the first version of this immersive play at the Feel Festival in July and at the Artlake Festival in August.
Because of Corona, the planned festival performances are postpones untill 2021. But we are happy to anounce that we will present our ideas for Tanzwut at the PerformingArtsFestival – Show&Tell

The performance is divided into three phases. We will start in a classical stage-audience setting. Actors on stage will perform different situations in which characters are confronted with their inner oppressor (the fear of the opinion of others) and are struggling to move freely. The goal is for the audience to recognise these moments in which we don’t feel free to move our bodys and acknowledge that we all have inner oppressors holding us back sometimes.

After that the audience can join a ritual in which we try to free ourselves from this inner oppressor. We offer different methods, to get rid of the fear of the opinion of others about our bodies and movement, and start moving more freely. The goal is to create a safe space in which we can reach the state of free movement without the help of alcohol and drugs.

Now that the audience is also infected by Tanzwut we can go onto the festival site and share our free movement to infect others.

About us:
Performance collective ‚Kitchen Rave‘ is a group of five international theatre makers,who are using ‘devised theatre’ to create their performances in a collaborative and improvisatory way. The members have a different background in their nationalities, their education and work experience – such as physical theatre, scenography, fashion design, acting and directing – which creates a colourful set of ideas and visions.