Research material

Dear visitors, on this page we would like to introduce you some excerpts of our research material on the performance project Tanzwut. 

Since December 2019, we have been doing a performative research on the topic of the dance plague, a phenomenon from the 14th century, when people were going out on the streets to dance without control, structure and purpose. Connected to Berlin’s vivid party culture we started to research on the topic of liberation through movement. At this state, we are focusing on the phenomenon of the inner oppressor. 

Feel free to watch, read, think and feel – you will always find the description of the specific assignments next to each excerpt. 

If you have any questions, please connect us, we are looking forward to your impulses. 

Performance Collective Kitchen Rave

Here we prepared some questions for you. Interested?

After developing some autobiographical texts on the topic of the inner oppressor, Bjørn gave us the assignment to translate the text into movement. As a result, the following video was born:

What is your inner motivation to dance? Here you can hear the answer of collective member Paulina.

One of our first research assignments: “Go out on the street, put on your favorite song and dance! And see how people react.”  

One idea we had on the structure of the performance was the development of so called “safe spaces”. How could a space look like that allows you to move free? Here you can see one idea/solution of our stage designer – collective member Gwen.

In one phase of the research we were composing autobiographical texts about our personal inner oppressors. Parallely we were discussing about using sound scapes in the performance: a mixture of texts, beats and “emotional noises”. Here you can hear the first results – composed by Gwendolyn.

Some observations of movement during rehearsals:

At one point, Adrienn discovered a chapter in a book she was reading. This text was describing the importance of dancing yourself “free” in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable. She sent her audio recording in the group chat, and Bjørn made the following track out of it: